Ackerman & Associates Meet Dracula

Realty Bites.

A Frightening New Comedy By Peter Stass & Divi Crockett

About The Film



Jack and Lloyd are two friends working for 'Ackerman & Associates', the lowest-rated real estate agency in L.A., specializing in worthless properties.

One day Lloyd unloads a dump in the Hollywood Hills on a real sucker, a wealthy European who's come to town to invest in film. The investor is in love with the golden age of Hollywood. He's even offered to sponsor Jack's girlfriend, a singer of vintage pop tunes who reminds him of the old days. There's just one catch: he's Dracula, and he’s got a supernatural plan to turn back the clock. Soon Jack and Lloyd must become heroes to fight a racket even shadier than theirs.

A Note From The Director


This film is about several things for me: the stuff of childhood and the realities of adulthood. Some of the first movies I remember enjoying as a child were the Abbott & Costello horror-comedies of the 1940's where they met a different Universal monster in each one. I wondered what such a concept would look like today.

As an adult, I spent some time living in LA, working in the independent film world. It was a unique experience filled with colorful characters and a lot of dreams. I wanted to explore that. To what lengths will a person go to fulfill those dreams? Would they peddle shoddy real estate? Would they pull up stakes (no pun intended) and travel halfway around the world? Would they take money from Dracula to finance their shoddy horror movies?

This film is also about nostalgia. It’s a tricky thing. We all wish we could go back. But if we live in the past, do we compromise our future?

The visual theme is old-meets-new. As it is a tribute to the old days, the special effects will be done practically, with very little use of CGI. And as the Count’s influence spreads throughout the story, it starts to reflect in the filmmaking itself, with modern cinematic techniques giving way to old-fashioned transitions and shooting style.

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